At Binto Photography we have a large selection of printing methods for you to choose from. 

Here we're providing you with a small explanation what each option provides you.


- Prints

Metallic Paper provides a distinctive eye-catching Metallic pearl like finish.

Lustre paper is a professional surface with a slight texture that reduces the amount of fingerprints that show on the finished image.


- Canvas

Your image is printed on museum grade archival canvas. The inks used are fade resistant and are certified for 75 years for colour and 200 years for Black & White. The colour prints are vibrant and punchy while the Black & White prints are neutral.

For longevity the prints are sprayed with a protective laminate that’s waterproof, abrasion resistant and contains both fade inhibiting UV blockers and anit-fungal components.

The stretcher bars are manufactured from meranti, not cheap pine. The unique profile allows the frame to sit flush against the wall.


- ICEMount

Your image is printed using archival quality inks on professional gloss photographic paper. It is then mounted using optically- clear, non-yellowing, ph neutral adhesive. After that we place your artwork behind optically clear acrylic (available in a range of thicknesses)

As it is mounted sheer against the wall without visible hanging attachments, your ICEmount will float off the wall!


- LumiTiles

LumiTiles are free standing acrylic tiles with high visual impact, which offer a three dimensional effect.

 LumiTiles come in either landscape or portrait orientation; in vivid colour or stylish black & white.

They make great gifts!


- LumiGrid

A LumiGrid is the ultimate combination of our ICEMounts and Lumi Tiles. It consists of a stylish panel made from two pieces of photo-grade acrylic with precision-cut insets to hold up to nine stunning Lumi Tiles.  Each tile is held in place with a powerful magnet, allowing you to change the order of the tiles or gradually replace them over time.

Lumi Grids comes in the following sizes:

Small: 58.4cm x 30.9cm (Space for 3 Lumi Tiles)

Medium: 48cm x 48cm (Space for 4 Lumi Tiles)

Large:  71.5cm x 71.5cm (Space for 9 Lumi Tiles)


- FluidFrame

Handcrafted by pouring multiple layers of resin over photographic prints or artwork to create stunning, high-impact pieces with a clarity and high gloss finish which is unique to resin and unobtainable by other framing methods.

Resin framing enhances the colour saturation, depth and contrast of an image, bringing it to life with its unique optical effects.


- Aluminium

This is a futuristic product boasting vivid colour and crisp detail with a finish that is scratch resistant and waterproof.

Since it’s waterproof it’s perfect for the kitchen or bathroom.

For a three dimensional effect you can add  a slim-line frame.